Composer's Voice

"it's on the edge of what's happening" - Brant Lyon, Great Weather for Media

Composer's Voice is an opportunity for contemporary composers to express their aesthetic and personal "voice."

Composer's Voice performances present the music of living composers. The performances feature musicians who champion new music and present the works being created today. Composer's Voice creates a venue for audiences to discover music that they haven't heard before.

Composer's Voice presents new music regularly on TV cable access in New York City. The 28 minute show airs Saturdays every two weeks on Manhattan Neighborhood Network's channel 2 - the lifestyle channel at 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4).

Episodes of Composer's Voice are simulcasted and archived on YouTube.
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Watch and listen at Manhatttan Neighborhood Network at the following:
View also on the following TV cable channels
Channel 83 on RCN
Channel 67 on Spectrum
Channel 34 on Verizon FIOS

In addition to its episodes on TV, Composer's Voice creates virtual performances with musicians and interviews with composers. Virtual performances are broadcasted and archived to several streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Primarily a concert series in its past Composer's Voice has produced more than 150 concerts in New York City. The series has also collaborated and produced concerts across the United States and other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Romania.

Composer's Voice are chamber concerts which present the music of living composers. The concert series has presented more than 150 concerts in New York City and through out the world. A calendar and history of Composer's Voice concerts can be found here.

Works are chosen from a wide range of contemporary composers and performed by dedicated musicians devoted to new music. Since its inception in 2001, Composer's Voice has presented the works of thousands of living composers from around the world.

Concerts are recorded and archived to further promote the new music, performers and composers. Audio, video scores, and programs can be found on the Composer's Voice Media page.

Composer's Voice also birthed Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame; this is an innovative project highlighting musicians who champion new music as well as present and promote the works of hundreds of composers. Composer's Voice is also home to Contemporary Quartets and Contemporary Recordings.


Always Striving

The Composer's Voice concert series is always looking for new and innovative ways to empower composers and the champions who perform and promote new music. The goal is to give an opportunity for the composer to have a forum in which they can express their own aesthic or personal "voice." Composer's Voice does this in several ways:

- Frequent Performances - Composer's Voice has presented more than 150 performances in New York City and around the world.
- Calls for Scores - Composer's Voice often presents musicians and ensembles who are looking for works to fit their instrumentation. Composer's Voice disseminates these calls to its members and the public and organizes calls for scores to fit the musicians needs. Check out new calls for scores and calls for works for Composer's Voice here.
- Talented Musicians - Composer's Voice specifically seeks, presents, and promotes talented musicians who embrace new music. The project empowers these champions of music from living composers. Composer's Voice does this by administering calls for scores, recordings, performances, and networking.
- Concert Curation - Understanding the difficult environment that new music experiences, Composer's Voice also presents opportunities for individuals and organizations to curate and organize performance. The goal is to strengthen and empower the field with successful concertizing strategies to further propegate new music. Composer's Voice also seeks to collaborate with musicians, composers, curators, and other new music organizations to creat opportunities for the composer and new music.

Composer's Voice


Robert Voisey is the Executive Director of Vox Novus, a new music production and promotion company. Through Vox Novus, he founded and directs the performance projects: 60x60, Composer’s Voice, Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame, and Circuit Bridges resulting in more than 500 performances promoting thousands of composers, musicians, choreographers, dancers, and artists. He is also the Organizational Advancement Director of Electronic Music Midwest and is active in promoting contemporary new music projects throughout the world.

Music Technology Specialist

Anruo Cheng has a doctoral degree in Composition and a master's degree in Media Writing and Production from the prestigious University of Miami, Dr. Cheng brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. She is also a creative contemporary music composer specializing in electronic music. Dr. Cheng has helped numerous musicians worldwide in adapting to new technologies for virtual performances, and she has provided support for the music and audio aspects of online concerts.


Since its inception in 2001, Composer's Voice has presented the works of thousands of composers from around the world. Works are chosen from a wide range of aesthetics and styles performed by dedicated musicians committed to new music. Concerts have featured hundreds of musicians of all and unique instrumentation and ensembles.

Composer's Voice is a Vox Novus project.