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CD Review

Dark Forces

Alon Nechushtan
Dark Forces

Oleg Raskin, alto sax; Steve Swell, trombone; Mark Dresser, double bass; Robert Dick, bass flute; Ned Rothenberg, bass clarinet; Briggan Krauss, baritone sax; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Okkyung Lee, cello; Nate Wooley, trumpet; Henry Kaiser, and Eliott Sharp, electric guitars; Alon Nechushtan, composition and electronics.

The ten tracks of Alon Nechushtan's 2012 disc Dark Forces function more as environments than narratives. Taking each of the instrumentalists in turn (only the final track is a duo), Nechushtan crafts relatively thick sound worlds and sets the performer loose. The soloists push and pull their way through these pieces, sometimes blending in to the sonic darkness and other times struggling to break free from it.

There is surprisingly little information with the CD beyond the list of performers and a rather bleak quote from Stephen Crane. Tracks have no names (at least none are listed) and the composer provides no philosophy or statement to frame these works. Some might find this lack of data off-putting but I think this disc speaks very well for itself. Does it matter if the performers are improvising or playing written out compositions? The trajectory of each performance is successful and engaging which is all that truly matters.

The electronic soundscapes are relatively ambient and directionless collections of noise-based rustlings and these sonic environments serve as the inspiration for the performers' contributions. These soundscapes never overshadow the soloist or become foreground material. The performer is always the focus. Given their overall feeling of barren darkness (the “dark forces” title conjures apt imagery) my ears did grow weary of so many of these same/similar sound worlds.

Just to contradict myself, I also found myself wishing that each track was longer in some way. The general 4-7 minute duration of each track feels too short in the moment and the track breaks signify (to my ears at least) what should sound like a different piece. The problem comes when each piece ends up not being very different than the previous one (or the following one). Each track is compelling, though, and I could listen to each for at least twice as long as they go on. I certainly would have welcomed fewer longer performances.

Each performer is top flight and takes great advantage of his/her sonic surroundings. While not always spouting virtuosic licks and gestures, every soloist integrates their performance into their designated aural landscape. This is not a disc of “performer plus electronics” pieces, this is a disc of chamber music.

- Jay Batzner


Selections for the
with Jenny Greene

After receiving many submissions from around the globe, we are proud to announce the composers selected for Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Jenny Greene.

The composers selected include:
Beth Anderson, Erol Bugra Balci, Andrei Bogdanov, Inna Buganina, Anna Imaykina, Dmitry Kitsenko, Julie Mandel, Vitaliy Manyk, Evgenia Marchak, Daniel Minai, Richard Nye, Kala Peirson, Judi Silvano, Jose Jesus de Azevedo Souza, and Judith Lang Zaimont

You can find more out at:



Lulu P. Dinklaker was a substitute schoolteacher for two years before the abuse she suffered at the hands of disrespectful students finally forced her to seek another career path. We’ll never know why she chose substitute conducting, one of the most hostile of environments in the employmental universe. Orchestras, of course, are notoriously antagonistic to interim batonmeisters, and the members of the Pringler City Philharmonic were no exception. No sooner had Lulu cued the string entrance to the pie fight scene in Peter Grimes than the entire contrabass section groused that her tempo was too slow. And their complaints were more than verbal. A lot more.
- David Gunn -


Calendar of Vox Novus Events

Upcomming Performances



Sunday February 10, 2013

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...

Composer’s Voice presents the 3rd Annual Trajetória Brasileira, a concert featuring the music of Brazilian composers. This international collaboration will feature Prelúdio 21 performed by New York’s Bella Winds. Composer’s Voice will also present the U.S. premiere of Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with flutist Maria Carolina Cavalcanti, an encore performance from the world premiere of the 15 works in Brazil last October. The 15 one-minute pieces by different composers from around the world were written specifically for this collaboration incorporating a Brazilian theme.

For more than 15 years, Prelúdio 21 has stood out against the backdrop of contemporary music of Rio de Janeiro, promoting a single aesthetic line of work, “creating a mosaic of different compositional styles”, as the musicians themselves do keen to highlight. Prelúdio 21’s CD Quartetos de Cordas [A Casa Discos] recorded by the string quartet Quarteto Radamés Gnattali was nominated for Best Classical Music CD for the 2012 Latin Grammy Award.

Jan Hus Church
February 10, 2013 - 1:00 PM
Jan Hus Church
351 East 74th Street
New York City

For more information visit:


Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Occupy Cello
with Craig Hultgren

Deadline March 1, 2013

Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces for cello solo composed for Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame with Craig Hultgren to be performed Sunday, May 19, 2013 for the Composer's Voice concert series at the Jan Hus Church in New York City. Another performance will also be presented in Birmingham, Alabama. The one-minute pieces are to be written specifically for this project, which will be performed by Craig Hultgren. The theme for this Fifteen Minutes of Fame is Occupy Cello - Upsetting the Musical Status Quo For acoustic solo cello Criteria for selection: Playable forward-looking concepts that challenge the traditional role of the instrument Resource for contemporary cello techniques

Click here for more details
Composer's Site

AUDIOGRAFT JUKEBOX – call for works

Posted: 08 Feb 2013 08:17 AM PST

Expiration of Opportunity: 
Sun, 2013-02-17
Entry Fee: 

AUDIOGRAFT JUKEBOX – call for works

Short electroacoustic; computer music; or sound art works are required for the audiograft jukebox. the jukebox will be available from February 17th-19th at audiograft and will also be placed online on the Sonic Art Resarch Unit webpages at Oxford Brookes University.

Audiograft will take place in Oxford from 17th-19th February and will feature Max Eastley, Rhodri Davies, SET ensemble; Stephen Cornford and Paul Whitty; Ray Lee; Automated Noise Ensemble; Paul Dibley and more…

Audiograft Jukebox 2013

Published date: 
8 Feb 2013

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New Lens Concert Series 2013

Posted: 03 Feb 2013 10:39 AM PST

Expiration of Opportunity: 
Wed, 2013-02-20
Entry Fee: 

New Lens Concert Series 2013
Rediscovering the Masterworks Through Contemporary Music
The New Lens Concert Series is looking for works for violin and piano, solo piano, or solo violin, for performance on our 2013 series. Pieces may not incorporate electronics of any kind and may only be for the instruments listed. Chosen works will be performed multiple times throughout California by Panic Duo ( from April 26th – May 6th, 2013.

Published date: 
3 Feb 2013

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